Current Projects


Dining Services Project

The Dining Services project is working to make student's lives easier.  We are working with the dining courts to implement a laser system that can track the number of people entering and leaving each dining court to give an accurate count of the number of people inside, and then extrapolating an estimated waiting time to get inside of the dining court.  We will be displaying all of this information on a mobile website so that students may see the wait times, menus, and directions to the dining courts.

image coming soon

Purdue Speech-Language and Audiology Clinics

Projects primarily support the M. D. Steer Audiology Clinic at Purdue University. Projects either help the patients at the clinic (adaptive hearing devices, sound level alert meters), clinicians (diagnostic tools), or support teaching of students (tutorial software, large-scale model of the ear).

EPICS Explorer

Through the EPICS Explorer, students can discover all the existing EPICS teams and their projects. This will help them to find the team that they most interested. We are currently working on an update of a survey for use in placing students into EPICS groups.


ZOO Project

The Zoo Project is currently working on a web application software to streamline the volunteer application process at the City of Lafayette's Columbian Park Zoo. This project will change how volunteers sign up and receive notification for volunteer groups and individuals looking to volunteer at the Zoo.

Project Documentations: