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We are the Purdue EPICS Team dedicated to bringing Purdue Space Day to 7th and 8th grade students!


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Aero and Astro Enginnering Education (AAEE) is a team of students in the Engineering Project in Community Service (EPICS) program at Purdue University. As an EPICS team, AAEE has a mission: to design, build, and deploy real systems to solve engineering-based problems for local community service and education organizations. Our AAEE team specializes in educational products which illustrate the principles of aerodynamics, aeronautic design, flight, and propulsion.

AAEE team members apply a Design-Build-Test-Deploy-Support principle to their projects. Through this process, we will gain communication skills, experience on multidisciplinary teams, and project management and leadership skills.

Currently, AAEE team members are working on three interactive educational activities: the Solar Sail and Mars Rover activities, which will be deployed at Purdue Space Day, and a wind-tunnel display for Lafayette's own Imagination Station.


Meet our team

Space Day 2017 Projects

Mars Rover Mission Project

The Mars Rover Mission Project's goal is to create an educational activity which similarly reflects the Mars Missions that have already happened. People participating in this activity will learn various coding skills and will be taught many things about the Mars Missions that have taken place. Currently, the Mars Team is working to make the Rovers wireless.

Mystery Mission Project

The Mystery Mission Project's goal is to create an educational activity for those attending Purdue Space Day to identify which planets that different types of samples have come from. The Project uses basic materials to achieve this goal. The project has just started this semester and is already seeing intense progress with their work.

Wind Tunnel Project

The Imagination Station is a STEM-focused children's museum in Lafayette, Indiana. In our partnership with the Imagination Station, we are working to build a wind-tunnel and a suite of interchangeable demonstrations and activities that will help kids of all ages learn about aerodynamic concepts like lift, drag, and aerodynamic design.

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GE Aviation, a world-leading provider of commercial, military, business, and general aviation engines, components, avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems, proudly sponsors the AAEE EPICS team, promoting students' academic endeavors through science, technology, engineering, and math.

Our Project Partner: Purdue Space Day

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Tim Strueh (Advisor): tstrueh@purdue.edu

Ryan Duong (Project Manager): rduong@purdue.edu