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Spring 2016

One of the goals for this semester is to improve upon the flooring of the Abōd. As of right now, the current floor is made of cement that must be poured on site for where the Abōd is to be built. We have been exploring different flooring options and our most prominent option is the I­Panel. The idea behind the I­Panel is that it is durable outdoor flooring option that will be easier to ship and assemble with the Abōd when compared to the current concrete option. Another objective for the semester is to improve upon the sheathing that covers the sides of the Abōd. Ideal improvements upon the sheathing and insulation, cost effectiveness, lightweight and ease of assembly with the Abōd. Several options have been researched and the most prominent is Duraplate. It is a fiberglass like sheathing that we hope will be used as the new sheathing for the Abōd. The team is also working to improve construction efficiency. Currently, it takes longer than a day to deploy one Abōd. This is because each Abōd has a concrete base that takes longer than a day to set up. There are also many parts and tools needed to set up the Abōd, included a specially designed arched ladder. This leads to confusion and an increase in build time. In order to address this problem the team is working to minimize the number of parts and tools to avoid confusion and speed up the construction process. Lastly, the team is planning to deploy an Abōd on the Purdue campus in the coming fall semester. This will give the team a chance to visualize their improvements in action and spread the message of Abōd. In order for this to be a success, the team is looking into the cost, permissions, and materials needed to deploy the Abōd.