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About Us

APPS is a team in the purdue EPICS program. APPS is an advanced design team developing apps for mobile devices, iPad, and Google Android that can benefit the community.

The TADA Project

TADA stands for technology assisted dietary assessment. It is phone application that allows the user to take pictures of their food before and after they eat and the pictures are then sent to a server which is then processed to determine the amount of food that the user has consumed in terms of calories and the macro nutirents present in their food.

Our Goal

This semester the APPS-TADA team plans to

  • Implement a calorie burnt counter during exercise

  • Analyze the users calorie intake

  • Plot calorie intake and suggest dietary changes

  • Intergration of GPS to parse restaurant menu data

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Receipt Recognition

  • Fiducial Marker Detection

  • Improved Edge Detection

  • Blur Detection

  • Improved Map Page

  • Improved Real Time Graph Page

  • Improved Photo-pin page

Meet The Team

User Interface

Apoorv Ankulam

Anna Schuman (FYE)
Design Lead

Apoorv Ankulam

Nick Sersch (Exploratory)

Image Processing

Apoorv Ankulam

Vidhur Kumar (CS)
Design Lead

Apoorv Ankulam

Woo Sung Kim (CS)

Apoorv Ankulam

Shobhit Makhija (CS)

Apoorv Ankulam

Aditya Chakraborty (ECE)


Apoorv Ankulam

Aakash Gupta (CMPE)
Team Leader

Apoorv Ankulam

Nivi Nighojkar (CMPE)

Apoorv Ankulam

Mahesh Gorantla (CMPE)
Design Lead

Apoorv Ankulam

Apoorv Ankulam (CMPE)

Apoorv Ankulam

Sravan Putikam (ECE)

Apoorv Ankulam

Shubham Bhokare (CMPE)

Contact Us

Our e-mail:
Jeehyun Choe (Teaching Assistant): choe11@purdue.edu

Pam Brown (Program Coordinator): (765) 494-0052
Jorge Martinez (Lab Manager): (765) 494-0629