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Founded in Fall 2015, The BAND Team seeks to enhance technology used by the Purdue �All-American� Marching Band. Our current project is to design a new lighting control tool. The band will use these clients to control lights attached to the performers to enhance their performances. The design is to be prototyped under all the different constraints to test its functionality. Currently, the team is working on designing a DMX-512 compliant lighting instrument, as well as prototyping new casing options and lights assembling method.

Current Projects

Project Partners

The BAND team will work closely with our biggest project partner, the Purdue Marching Band, specifically:
  • Purdue Band Members: Band members are the intended final direct user of the product, although currently it is used on the drum line only. Band member concerns involve ease of use of the box receiving signal, ease of attaching light strips on, and weight involved with the product. Because they have to move or stand for several hours, potentially, with the strips and box attached, weight is a very important concern on their part. The ideal product in their eyes would be as light as possible and as easy to reach and attach as possible. Key influences on band members include the band director and the operators.

  • Purdue Band Directors & Tech Office: The Purdue Marching Band director wants a product that works and is as cheap as possible to limit amount spent. A working prototype is most important to the director and the ideal product would work as intended and would meet the side constraint of not being very costly. Due to the fact that a functional system would ideally be used by every band member, even a slight difference in cost between units is multiplied greatly when the entire band is in question.

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