Our Team

About the Team

The CAR Team comprises of 11 members. And we are currently in the process of redesigning the override mechanism, which is the engagement system, making it more efficient and at a lower cost. The team is divided into 2 subteams: 1 group working on new design and prototyping and 1 group to integrate said mechanism to the project.

Team Members

Andrzej Wylezinski

Project Advisor

David M Boston

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Abhishek Aravind

Project Manager

Tim Jansen

Design Lead (OM Team)

Shreya Venkat

Design Lead (Integration Team)

Clare McNicholas

Project Archivist (OM Team)

Siddhartha Kumar

Webmaster (OM Team / Documentation)

Yew Wei See

Asst. Webmaster (OM Team)

Owen Price

Financial Officer (OM Team)

Noah Lee

Project Partner Liason (Integration Team)

Enzo Limeira

Team Member (Integration Team)

Ryan Barkey

Team Member (Integration Team)

Brendan Bogan

Team Member (Integration Team)