EPICS is a service-learning design program in which teams of students partner with local and global community organizations to address human, community, and environmental needs. Purdue is the headquarters for the National EPICS Program. These programs are now operating at 15 universities nationwide. EPICS has received major awards from the Carnegie Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the American Society for Engineering Education, the IEEE Education Society, Campus Compact, the Corporate and Foundation Alliance, Purdue University, and the Governor and Legislature of Indiana.
Our team's core goals have updated several times, and we have finally settled on making an Instruction Manual to assemble your very own Custom Go-Kart. The CAR Team is currently comprised of 11 members. These members are part of one of two teams: the Integration Team or the Override Mechanism Development Team.
The Override Mechanism (OM) team was tasked with building a mechanism which would allow control to the non primary user when a pedal was pressed, and disengages when released. The Integration team's goal was to procure a Go-Kart to test the mechanism on, but was sadly unsuccessful in doing so due to EPICS restrictions.
The team was able to make a successful mockup of how the Override Mechanism works in Fall 2018. The team plans to finalize the instruction manual (with compatable Go-Karts) and deliver the finished product next semester.
Our car is unique in that both drivers have control of the car, but the catch is that the driver gives access to the child, and can disengage anytime. This greatly increases the saftey of our project.