Improvement Team

Project Description

In general, the project's objectives are to improve the sensory trail and zipline path. The zipline path is in need of improvement because heavy rains are causing rutting and erosion on the path, making it difficult on wheelchairs. Ensuring the zipline path is universally accessible to all people demonstrates the root ideals of Camp Riley. The sensory trail is in need of improvement because numerous stations are in need of cleaning and preventative maintenance. The peg boards, ball throw stations, and mailboxes have become homes for a variety of creatures. There is also some future concerns with the xylophone sagging. By ensuring that these sensory stations are safe and clean, allows the users to encompass the educational and soothing experience by its entirety.
Start Date: Fall 2016
End Date: Spring 2017

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Current Progress

Our team believes that by the end of the semester we will have achieved deliverables in both of our projects. The first of these is the sensory trail, by the end of the semester we will have completed the following objectives: done basic maintenance on the trail such as cleaning our insects, created the new pegboards with the new design, installed the rope ratchet on the xylophone, and add the cowbell to the drums. The second project's deliverables are currently, create an apparatus that prevents water from coming onto the trail from outside sources, and create a drain at the specified points that leads into the gorge. In efforts to keep the trail in pristine condition, the team will also provide a maintenance schedule for the sensory trail stations. The schedule will state the maintenance activities and their frequencies. Future EPICS teams can use this as a guide when keeping up with the general maintenance of the sensory trail. As more projects are added onto the trail, the schedule may be updated.

 The recreated peg boards

 The recreated peg boards

 Image of the cowbell