Improvement Team

Project Description

In general, the project's objectives are to improve the sensory trail. The sensory trail is in need of improvement because numerous stations are in need of cleaning and preventative maintenance. The peg boards, ball throw stations, and mailboxes have become homes for a variety of creatures. There is also some future concerns with the xylophone sagging. We plan to improve current designs by adding aestheic appeal by recoloring current items. We also hope to improve station longevity by weather proofing the exhibits.
Start Date: Fall 2016
End Date: Spring 2017

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Current Progress

Our team is currently making progress in renovating the trail. We plan to first bring back some of the stations to paint on campus, then take trips to the site itself to apply sealant and paint to the larger posts of wood that we cannot take back to Purdue. In addition, we will replace worn out items on the trail such as drum mallets, baskets, and pegs for the pegboards. We hope that the changes that we make to the sensory trail will make it more enticing and aesthetically appealing as well as increasing the lifespan of the exhibits.

 New ball toss design

 Ball Ring-Rope attatchment

 Stronger Peg Design

 Image of the new cowbell

 Missing Birdhouse Replacement

 Mallet Holder for Xylophone

 Xylophone Painted and Sealed