Spring House Project

Project Description

The Spring House team is working to restore the historic spring house at Bradford Woods. This house, once used to cool food and other goods,is in need of restoration due to water problems stemming from the natural springs nearby. This team is designing solutions to both clear the area of excess water and create a welcoming environment for campers to visit.
Start time: Spring 2016
Delivery time for water drainage solution: 04/08/2017
Delivery time for the ramp: Beginning of next semester

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Current Progress

The goal for the Spring House Team of Camp Riley is to build a wheelchair accessible ramp for campers to visit the Historic Spring House of Bradford Woods. In order to do that, the ground must be stabilized. Currently, all of the land surrounding the Spring House is very muddy and hard to walk on, let alone build a ramp on. Our goal for this semester is to allow water to drain from the area, removing mud and puddles of water from where the ramp will eventually be. We would like to accomplish this by forming a channel through the site that will collect water and move it through the area. On March 25th, the Spring House team went down to Camp Riley to begin implementing our solution. We measured out our site and designed the channel elevations and basic route. After doing this, we began to dig our channel and stabilize it with erosion blankets. We finished digging out about 1/3 of our final solution, and will be finishing it during the next few weekends!

Drainage Solution

Water from the hillside behind the house has been washing silt and small pebbles into the drain outside of the house. This has backed up the flow of the spring inside the house causing flooding and taking away the full effect of the Spring House, which you can see in the last picture. The team has come up with a design to improve the flow of water outside the house that will eliminate the silt and pebbles from clogging the drain. By using a six inch elbow attached to an existing pipe we are restricting the silt and pebbles from traveling back up the drain. We are also installing a half pipe under the drain and running that eight feet along the current flow line for the spring. This would eliminate the current problem of the water tearing up the ground directly under the drain causing erosion and creating more silt.

  Current state of the Spring House

 Final design of the post footing

 Final design of the deck