Spring House Project

Project Description

The Spring House team is working to restore the historic spring house at Bradford Woods. This house, once used to cool food and other goods,is in need of restoration due to water problems stemming from the natural springs nearby. This team is designing solutions to both clear the area of excess water and create a welcoming environment for campers to visit.
Start time: Spring 2016
Delivery time for water drainage solution: 04/08/2017
Delivery time for footers: May 2019 Delivery time for the ramp: December 2018

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Current Progress

This semester the Spring House team worked to develop ramp designs for Camp Riley. The team had to incorportate a landing area near the base of the ramp to allow for presentations and they needed to keep the ramp ADA compliant. They worked with Tim Street, the Associate Director for Bradford Woods to create a ramp that best fit the project’s needs. After designing the ramp, the team established the supplies needed to build the ramp and ordered the materials. They realized that their ramp would need concrete footers, so the team researched possible contractors. Greystone Concrete ended up working with the team and became an official vendor for Bradford Woods by the end of the semester. The focus for this semester is to redesign the proposed ramp to make it safer for public use. The goals for the end of the Spring 2018 semester are to finalize build plans and complete the ramp by the end of the semester.

This access is to be accomplished by a six foot wide ramp that is in total length 87 feet. The ramp will also include a landing near the Spring House with dimensions of ten foot by 10 foot. The ramp will need to incorporate a turn ro keep the slope below ADA requirement of 4.8 degrees. This turn will occur 63 feet away from the Spring House and turn towards the South. The ramp will then turn back to the East after running south for 21.5 feet. The remaining distance to the road will be connected to the ramp.


  Current state of the Spring House