Camp Riley

Camp Riley helps inspire youth with physical disabilities to realize their potential as they become increasingly independent. Every summer, nearly 250 children, ages 8 - 18, from throughout Indiana and several other states come to Camp Riley. During their time at Camp they prove to themselves and others that their strength and will power define them - not their physical circumstances. From horseback riding, to swimming, to conquering the high ropes course, campers discover new confidence and make lifelong friends. Camp Riley holds five different camp sessions during a five-week period each summer at Bradford Woods-Indiana University's 2,500-acre universally accessible outdoor recreational facility.

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Bradford Woods

Bradford Woods is an auxiliary enterprise of Indiana University and is part of the academic mission of the School of Public Health and is a unit of the Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies. As a key component of the University family, Bradford Woods seeks to promote and further the mission of the University through the teaching, service, programs, and research Bradford Woods provides. For over 50 years Bradford Woods has been providing recreational, educational, and leadership development opportunities to youth and adults locally, nationally, and globally. Today, Bradford Woods annually serves over 25,000 people from different walks of life and parts of the world. Bradford Woods is what they are because of the entrepreneurial skills and abilities of Bradford Woods' staff over the past 50 years. Bradford Woods is what they are because of the commitment of Indiana University and the Riley Children's Foundation's support for our mission. Bradford Woods is what they are because of the thousands of people who have entered our grounds to partake in the Bradford Experience. Bradford Woods is what they are because they remain true to their Mission, Vision, and Values.

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CHAMP Camp provides a week-long, summer camp experience for children and adolescents with tracheostomies and those who require technological respiratory assistance. Our campers enjoy and fully participate in outdoor summer camp activities including swimming, canoeing and climbing that encourage independence, confidence, and self-esteem to create memories that last a lifetime. CHAMP Camp is not only a physical place, but a community where children who are technologically-assisted experience the wonder, beauty and challenge of the outdoors. The American Camp Association accredits our program; and we utilize facilities that adhere to site regulations by the ACA. It is a community where campers and counselors think of each other first; giving and receiving from each other; and supporting and respecting each other in our feelings and experiences. It is a community where health care professionals become counselors, modeling their love of the experience; allowing kids to be kids; and making medical arrangements as to not compromise the adventure and enjoyment of camp. It is a community rich with personal expression, individual diversity, and opportunities to grow and succeed physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially, and "discover one's place in the sun."

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Agape Riding

Agape is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen mind, body and spirit through unique horse-facilitated experiences. Agape has a therapeutic horse-riding program that runs year-round at Bradford Woods. There is an indoor and outdoor area for children to ride the horses. Our main contact with Agape is Erika Stanley.

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