Whack a Light

Project Goals (for the future of Whack-a-Light)

-Complete the physical frame of Whack-a-Light by early Spring 2019
-Complete the wiring and electircal components of the box
-Test and install speakers, test lights, and test sound
-Ensure that it is safe for kids to use
-Test Whack-a-Light
-Create DFMEA
-Deliver project to Camp Riley by end of Spring 2019
We hope to accomplish these goals with thorough research, testing, decision matrices, conversations with our project partner, and working as a team within our areas of strength and as a cohesive unit.

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Current Progress

The Whack-a-Light is in the prototype phase right now. While a design was created and a finished product was made in the previous semester, this semester, we wanted to engineer a new version of the Whack-a-Light whihch provided a better user experience. Some of the feedback that was obtained after delivery from the previous semester included creating rounder edges for improved safety, addign louder speakers, and changing the buttons to flat buttons instead of round buttons. So, this semester and in the coming semesters we hope to redesign the Whack-a-Light with these features in mind.

However, we also plan to add some additonal features to this new redesign. For example, we have added an adjustable angle to the Whack-a-Light so that the device can accomodate children of different sizes and motor disabilities. Right now, we only have a wooden prototype that includes just the wooden exterior and the buttons, but in the next semester, we hope to finish the Whack-a-Light by adding the circuitry and speakers and create a deliverable product.