• About DISC

    DISC, or Database and Innovative Software for the Community, is an EPICS team purposefully assembled for creating database applications and innovative solutions in order to help non-profit, educational, and service agencies meet their community needs.

Recent Updates

April 2018

  • At the end of this semester, the two teams have made decent progress. The video functionality team was able to successfully implement functionality that allows the user to upload their own custom videos in a usable format, and have begun working on the functionality that allows for question sets and timestamps to be uploaded and linked to the videos. The registration functionality team has finished the front end work on the site for the function that removes students, and they have created the function, but work still needs to be done before the function is completed. Our plans for the future are to finish these functionalities and then enter into the testing phase with the users, as well as testing the functionalities themselves.

February 2018

  • This semester, the size of the DISC team has been drastically reduced to just 5 members. As such, we are focusing all of our attention on the SLHS project, and we are making good headway on it. The team responsible for coding the functionality for uploading custom videos is nearing completion, and the team responsible for coding the functionality that allows teachers to remove students from the database is making good headway on it. We plan on having a mimimum viable product ready for delivery by the end of this semester, as we only have a few more smaller functions left to program after we finish our current tasks.

December 2017

  • 12/5/2017 - Update on Projects
    After the DISC Team's Design Reviews today, I feel that now is the best time to updateon exactly where all the projects are. The Westminster Team has their project uploaded onto Heroku, which is where their project will be kept for the time being. Due to Heroku's price model being based around bandwidth used by the website, the project will likely have to move to another platform, most likely to Galaxy, which exists specifically to host Meteor.js apps, which is what the Westminster project is.
  • The AMBI Team is planning on delivering their project, which is specifically the android app for the lactation consultant. It is in a rough state but it is in a state where it can be tested. Future plans for this project are to finish all the functionality for the android app, create the corresponding iOS app, integrate Zoom feature across all platforms to allow the mothers and lactation consultants to video chat, and creating automatic tests.
  • The SLHS team is nearing the delivery phase of their project. Currently, the student taking the test is able to watch the video, view the questions asked at specific times, and answer the questions. The student also receives feedback on their answers after the test, and they can also see their results on the results page. For the professor side, the user is able to register students, view their students' information, and upload new videos for testing. However, the user is not yet able to remove students, or edit videos. This functionality must be added before the project is delivered, and that is the SLHS team's goal for next semester.

September 2017

  • 09/19/2017 - General Update
    This semester, the EPICS teams DISC and WISE have been merged into one team. Due to this, the projects that are currently being worked on by the DISC team were being worked on by the WISE team last semester. All the information on our current projects can be found under the "Current Projects" tab, and information on all the current projects from last semester is archived under "Past Projects."

April 2015

  • 04/30/2015 - Final Report and Assessment
    LCC has a functional front end and is working on updating the aesthetic of the GUI and improving the efficiency of the pull algorithm.. A Fresh Start is currently debugging some issues within the modal for their front end. Fair Hope is still working on the back-end architecture and algorithm. All teams are preparing for the design assessment.

March 2015

  • 03/30/2015- Progress Report and Assessment
    LCC is in the process of updating the front end and back end. A Fresh Start has used a bootstrap to produce a very professional looking implementation that still has some bugs. Fair Hope is working on the back-end architecture and algorithm. All teams are preparing for the design assessment.

February 2015

  • 02/04/2015 - New Semester, New Team
    A new team has arrived and has begun implementing for their various assignments. Members are starting from scratch, and still learning the ropes. There a great deal of computer science and engineering majors.

December 2014

  • 12/04/2014 - End of the Semester
    After the effort we put in our projects, both teams have made serious progress in the design process. We started every thing from scratch and learned a lot. Some of us will come back next semester and attempt a deliverable.

November 2014

  • 11/02/2014 - Progress Made
    After half semester, most of our students had finished the learning process needed to tackle the problems that they may encounter in the projects and applied their skills in implementation process. They commucated with their partners to ensure working in the right direction.

October 2014

  • 10/15/2014 - Design Assessment
    As both of our teams made progess in their design process, we had a assessment for the work we have done so far. People from different companies joined us and did external evaluation of our work.

September 2014

  • 9/12/2014 - New Teams
    DISC has just started a new semester! Through out this semester, we will have two different projects going on. One is Fair Hope, and the other is Lafayette Crisis Center Scheduling System. Ready to go!

February 2014

  • 2/27/2014 - First Design Review
    As of our first design review presentation of the Spring 2014 semester, the Toast to Mental Health website is nearing completion. In addition, the Lafayette Crisis Center group has reentered the development phase for their project in order to create an application to better meet the project partner's needs.

April 2013

  • 4/19/2013 - Deliveries
    As of our final design review presentation of the Spring 2013 semester, the Earl Park Public Library group has completed the library's website and is working on delivery. Additionally, the Lafayette Crisis Center group has updated the administrative program and hopes to deliver by the end of the semester.

February 2013

  • 2/4/2013 - LCC Scheduling System
    DISC has delivered its first version of scheduling software for the Lafayette Crisis Center. We will continue maintaining that software and will begin developing a web portal for volunteers to sign up online.

September 2012

  • RockWell Collins.png

    9/26/2012 - DISC Sponsorship
    DISC has recently become sponsored by Rockwell Collins!

April 2012

  • The DISC family is proud to announce that ALL its current projects have been delivered this semester!

March 2012

  • 03/05/2012 - Another new project for DISC
    It's raining projects for DISC! The UPRC Calendar project has been added to the list of current projects.

February 2012

January 2012

  • 01/22/2012 - Content updated and redesign complete
    The site content has been updated to reflect the latest changes about on-going projects and new team members. The redesign phase is complete.
  • 01/19/2012 - Website being renovated
    The DISC website is being redesigned! The new DISC Logo is a part of this process. Please note that the website may not display correctly occasionally.
  • 01/13/2012 - Spring 2012 team begins work
    Work on JDS, LCC and TMH resumes. DISC Website will be updated with the latest information in the coming weeks.

December 2011

  • 12/12/2011 - Documents Updated
    Project documents have been updated.

September 2011

  • 9/21/2011 - Website Updated
    This website has been updated for the new semester.

February 2011

  • 2/18/2011 - Website Updated
    This website has been completely overhauled for the new semester. Please see new projects and team members.

September 2010

  • 9/19/2010 - Website has been updated!
    Team members have been updated for fall 2010, and the Contact page has been updated.

December 2009

  • 12/10/2009 - Alpha Version is Released!
    Search and Results tabs are fully functional. Displays information from the Profile, Legal, and Case Notes Tabs. It has a login page. Implemented with SSL.
  • 12/10/2009 - Uploaded Documents
    Second Design Review Powerpoint, Transition Document, Functionality Documentation.

November 2009

  • 11/04/2009 - Uploaded Documents
    Recruitment Poster, the team calendar for the 2nd half of the semester, and the Executive Summary have been uploaded.
  • 11/03/2009 - Check the Blog for JDS updates!
    Please check the blog for information on the JDS project. Great strides have been made.
  • 11/01/2009 - Uploaded Documents
    Our design review presentation has been uploaded. The feedback received was always updated.

October 2009

September 2009

  • 09/27/2009 - JDS Blog
    The blog is up. It will be temporary, until we manage to get Quadrina or one of our mySQL accounts working.
  • 09/27/2009 - Uploaded Documents
    Uploaded the semester plan and JDS project timeline in documents section.
  • 09/25/2009 - Uploaded Documents
    The semester’s timeline and the year’s budget has been updated on the documents section. The semester plan shall be updated shortly.
  • 09/25/2009 - Website is UP!
    The website is up and almost done!