Current Partners

  • University Place Retirement Community UPRC

    About Our Partner: University Place Retirement Center is a retirement community with a mission to honor the dignity of life by serving as a compassionate community. Located on the crest of gently rising fields and woodlands, the center features carefully appointed apartments and garden homes offering many modern conveniences combined with the everyday comforts of one's own home.

    Our Job: Develop a utility to format and print activity calendars using information from an online scheduling system.


    Contact: Prof. John C. Lindenlaub

  • Mental Health of America Crisis Center Mental Health of America Crisis Center

    About Our Partner: The Mental Health of America Crisis Center is a resource center for suicide prevention, rape, and other forms of crisis. They have a 24-hour hotline as well as walk-in services at their location.

    Our Job: Maintain a scheduling system that automatically generates a schedule based on volunteers' preferences, and create a web portal for volunteers to sign up online.


    Contact: Jane McCann

  • Alpha Phi Omega APO

    About Our Partner: APO is a coed fraternity which has over 100 active members. They help serve the community around the Lafayette area, including the Lafayette Urban Ministries and the Boy Scouts of America, and many others.

    Our Job: To provide an easier way for APO to track their members, events, and meetings for necessary requirements for each member.



  • Study in a Flash

    About Our Partner: The project partner is Dr. Darbishire. She is the professor for PHRM 822 and the advisor for the research aspect of our project as well. She is very active in service-based learning projects with students, and her mission is to develop a novel tool to help students study.

    Our Job: Our goal is to create an application that will serve as a fun and interactive way to enhance student's study habits. We hope this will incorporate studying with the technology they are already using on a routine bases. The ability for students to play games against each other capitalizes on the competitive nature of pharmacy students.



    Contact: N/A