Current Projects

  • SLHS

    Information: The purpose of this simulation is to familiarize students with a standardized test used in Speech and Language assessments. During the simulation you will be shown a video of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test -4 (PPVT-4) being administered to an adult. As you view, the video will stop at several sections and you will be asked questions. You will also be provided with a copy of the PPVT-4 test form to score the test and answer the questions. After you complete the video and answer all questions you will be given a score which can be uploaded to a pdf. This may be shared with your instructor.

  • Westminster

    Information: This project is being made in cooperation with Westminster Village and in particular our project partner, Rachel Witt. Westminster is a retirement community in West Lafayette, and Rachel is the art programming coordinator for Westminster. Westminster holds weekly "brain bootcamps" full of mentally engaging activities to keep peoples' minds active and fresh. Normally, all activities are handled by paper, organized into programs, and only in paper form. To make the process of organizing activities and programs easier, we are making a website with a database to store all relevant documents. This website will also allow other retirement communities to share and activities and programs with each other.

  • AMBI

    Information: This project will be utilized by our project partner, mothers, lactation consultants, and researchers. Our objective for this project is to develop an innovative, interactive web-based breastfeeding monitoring system that helps low income breastfeeding mothers monitor their breastfeeding patterns, and detect early breastfeeding problems. Lactation consultant can also monitor mother's data and intervene immediately in case of a breastfeeding problem.