Recruitment Information

What does DISC stand for?

  • DISC is an acronym for Database and Innovative Software for the Community.

What sort of work does DISC do?

  • DISC is a team that creates innovative software solutions in order to help non-profit, educational, and service agencies meet their community needs. The team focuses on data management through the various systems it has worked on, as well as the systems currently in development.

What majors does DISC make use of?

  • DISC makes use of a variety of majors. If you are any of the following majors, please consider joining our team.
    1. Computer Science - Computer Science majors are used to design and implement software systems on the team.
    2. Computer Information Technology - Computer Information Technology majors are used to design and implement software systems on the team.
    3. Business Management - Business Management majors can get experience leading teams and/or projects to success.
    4. Graphical Design - Graphical Design majors can design user interfaces for the software in order to present each system in an innovative, creative, and intuitive form.
    5. Electrical and Computer Engineering - ECE majors can gain experience designing and implementing software systems in high-level languages such as C#, Java, and Python.
    6. Communication - Each project requires a large quantity of user documentation to be produced, detailing how both users and administrators perform necessary tasks on the system. Communication majors can gain experience writing technical documentation and user guides for projects.