Team Credo

  • As members of the DISC team, we have decided to agree on the following basic values and behaviors. We believe these characteristics are crucial in order for the team to be successful. These need to be laid out very clearly and precisely so that we are better able to understand team needs and objectives.

    As DISC members, we will strive for COMMUNICATION...

    • Activity Recaps - Recap activities to determine what's pending or completed
    • Open Mind - Have open minds when discussing project with team members
    • Active Listening - Will pay close attention to members who are speaking
    • External Meeting - Meet outside of scheduled class times to discuss priorities
    • Team Contact - Provide screen name and phone numbers available for contact

    As DISC members, we will strive for ORGANIZATION/TIME MANAGEMENT...

    • Task List - Notify each member on status of any task(s) assigned
    • Documentation - Keep notes neatly organized and dated in individual documentation
    • Agenda - Have an up-to-date schedule of upcoming events and assignments

    As DISC members, we will strive for PERSEVERENCE/COMMITMENT...

    • Research/Ask - Attempt to ask questions and commit to researching project
    • Don't Give Up - Not considered an option: Be dedicated

    As DISC members, we will strive for TRUST/RESPECT...

    • Honesty - Be honest when reporting task status to members and team
    • Respect - Be faithful and respectful when discussing project with team