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EPICS - Disability Resource Center is a team within the EPICS program at Purdue University. Our project partner is the Disablility Resource Center (DRC) of the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS). The DRC is a Purdue University program that provides academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services for students with temporary or permanent disabilities. Their goal is to allow students with these conditions, equal access to course activities and materials. Our team's mission is to facilitate the giving of assistance to students with special needs or disabilities, through our cooperation with ODOS. Our current projects include: Automated Tour Guide, Golden Monkey, and Mobility Scooter. More information on these projects can be found bellow.

Current Projects

  • The Automated Tour Guide (ATG)
  • The Golden Monkey
  • Mobility Scooter

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Photo Attributions

http://www.facetofacemedia.ca/files/Golden%20Monkey%20in%20Yunnan%20province%20Xi%20Zhinong%20photo.jpg https://engineering.purdue.edu/EPICS/EPICS/k12/about/EPICS%20logo1.jpg http://imgorigin.allegromedical.com/4C/F2/jet-powered-mobility-scooter-560811-MEDIUM.jpg .