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Spring 2017 Semester Update

IVH Energy Audit

Project Description: Create solutions to reduce heat loss in the 100+ year old Commandant's house. This team must also consider the building's historical significance while generating solutions.

Semester Goals:

  • Select and test short term solutions the reduce heat loss
  • Calculate possible payback period for implemented solutions
  • Create computer model of solutions using Energy+ software

Project partner: The project partner for this team is the Indiana Veterans' Home. The contact for the Indiana Veterans Home is Dave Parrish, who is the main supervisor and member of the maintenance department. The Indiana Veterans Home (IVH) is a publicly funded facility dedicated to offering both short-term and long-term care for veterans who live in the state of Indiana. Services offered at the IVH include memory care, rehabilitative care, physical and speech therapy, and independent living. The IVH is located on 250 acres of land north of downtown West Lafayette.

IVH Landscape Design Team

Project description: The EPICS EII team has partnered with the Indiana Veteran's Home (IVH) to perform a redesign of the landscapes bordering the long winding driveway that leads to the IVH facility. The primary goal for the redesign is to mitigate the danger presented by the need for mowing the grass on very steep slopes. The areas are very large and are covered almost entirely with short grass. It would take far too much time to use a hand mower on. There are 3 specific "problem areas" that the team is focusing on remediating. Members of the maintenance crew use riding mowers, which are prone to tipping when driven on slopes steeper than 15 degrees.

Semester Goals:

  • Create a detailed implementation document
  • Start implementation of proposed solution

Project Partner: The Indiana Veteran's Home is a tax funded facility where hundreds of U.S. veterans reside. The facility also provides entertainment in the form of a library, media centers, and gardens, as well as medical treatment and therapy. It is located about 10 minutes away from Purdue's campus. Specifically, we will be working with Dave Conwell, the maintenance supervisor, Dave Parish, the main supervisor, and Jim Clouse, the physical plant director. Dave Conwell was nearly injured when he was riding a mower on Cannon Hill, one of the 3 problem areas, and the mower flipped due to the steepness.

Northview Church Team

Project Description: The EPICS EII Northview Church team is focused on working in conjunction with the church grounds coordinator Jon Schirm. Jon has worked for numerous grounds and landscaping companies bringing knowledge from golf course design to heavy equipment machinery. He was hired to use his extensive knowledge in the field to connect the people of the church, and has partnered with the EPICS Northview Church team to do so.

Semseter Goals:

  • Analyze and quantify survey results to understand customer requirements
  • Compare and contrast customer requirements of Church members and the overall community
  • Complete the Specification Development phase

Project Partner: Jon Schirm from the Northview Church wants to use the undeveloped land behind the Northview Church to create a community area that will help achieve the church's mission statement of "connecting people with God, and connecting people with people."

Wabash River Project: Semi-Permeable Surfaces

Project description: Tippecanoe Mall has a large volume of surface runoff due to rainfall in the parking lot. The runoff carries pollution into Wabash River. Semi-permeable surfaces are able to reduce the quantity of runoff into a given storm drain and improve the quality of the water. The role of the team is to finish the detailed design of a rain garden and estimate the cost for implementation.

Semster Goals:

  • Create an AutoCad model of the rain garden
  • Preform a cost analysis for the rain garden implementation
  • Develop a detailed construction plan for the garden

Project Partner: The team's project partner is Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC) and the main contact is Sara Peel, who has worked with WREC since 2009. She is the director of watershed projects and has over 14 years of water quality and watershed management experience.





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