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EII Fall 2017 Team with Design Reviewers

Fall 2017 Semester Update:

The EPICS EII team currently incorporates four projects this semester:

The IVH Heat Audit team is continuing their energy audit. This team created a list of solutions that can be implemented on the 100+ year old Commandant's House, and has chosen the types of insulation for the house.

Northview Church Landscape Design is a new project collaborating with the Northview Church of West Lafayette. Team is currently in the process of working with project partner to collect more information on the vision of the community garden. The team has surveyed and collected soil samples of the community garden and calculate costs and materials for patio expansion

Northview Church Recreational Center team is currently gathering information on customer requirements for a possible design on the Northview Church grounds that will be both sustainable and enjoyable for the community. The team has assigned designated spots for each recreational facility, created a playground decision matrix, recorded measurements of playgrounds and retention area, and took soil samples of the retention area to analyze its content.

IVH Reflection Pool is a completely new project this year. The team is currently gathering information and requirements on the construction of the reflection pool at the Indiana Veterans Home, which is going to be both a memorial and a community gathering center. The team has completed the design requirements of the project, as well as survey the area to know its elevation



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