2018 Fall EVEI TEAM



The main mission of the Acquisition Team is to use the go-kart data acquisition system to teach high school students about data analysis for physics projects. High School programs will benefit from this project. Teachers will have a way to integrate hands-on technical projects into their physics curricula, and students will have the opportunity to be exposed to data analysis. The motivation for the project is to produce a data acquisition system that can be used as an exciting hands-on project for high school students to engage in. We hope to spark their interest in physics and engineering. The end goal for this Fall 2018 semester is to transfer the data from the electrical kart to the laptop in real time. The data is stored inside the physics box inside the kart and will be transferred: RPM, acceleration in X, Y & Z, and energy used by the battery. This semester we are planning to have at least three main stages of the design. Firstly, to transfer data from the physics box to secondary display using wires. Secondary, to transfer data from physics box to secondary display wirelessly using RF transceivers. And the final stage of the project is to transfer data using the RF transceivers and control the data via Arduino, and USB cable in real time.