2018 Fall EVEI TEAM



High school students in Integrated Chemistry and Physics need a better way to visualise scientific concepts relating to how electrical power is turned into mechanical power. Our solution is to create an interactive demonstration that teachers can use to both teach how physics shapes the world around us, and generate interest in electric vehicles and how they work. The demo needs to be affordable, durable, and easy to implement. It needs to demonstrate how to use physics concepts to understand and anticipate how motors take an electrical input and turn it into a mechanical output. The demonstration needs to follow the general model for a science experiment; allowing students to build, test, and record results that can be physically observed. The experiment will have the documentation that the instructor will need to teach the lesson, as well as guides for the students.

The goal of this project is to design and implement a module that intuitively maps the transfer of electrical power to mechanical power for high school students. Given the current lack of integration between interrelated STEM coursework, this project is a means of mapping such concepts to a practical application in an engaging manner. Our deliverables will include the final module (a physical prototype), instructions on how to assemble the module, and a presentation detailing the power transfer characteristics of the system. Additionally this module and presentation will relate back to the practical application of the system given the roots of the project lying in electric vehicle infrastructure. At the completion of our project this semester, our team will be leaving behind a physical prototype and a design document to provide evidence of the design process. It will detail our decision making given our budget, technical component specifications and the relation to the ICP curriculum.