About Us

This team builds and tests learning elements which can be used by high-school students for the Electric Vehicle go-kart event and testing. The team designs and builds components which can be used in an educational sense for students to learn about forces acting on the kart. They also are used to test performance and to create an efficient, safe, and reliable electric go-kart for competition. The high-school students will use a "Physics Box" in order to optimize their design as well as learn in the process of related math and science topics. This will show students that electric vehicles can be just as exciting as their gas-powered counterparts.

As part of the Electric Vehicle Event Infrastructure (EVEI) team in Purdue's Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program, our goal this semester is to design and construct a prototype for an event timer, that updates the physics box's data. A purpose of this is for high school students to utilize the data in improving drivers efficiency. There will be two components to our event timer: a trackside source and a detector mounted on top of the kart. Every time the kart passes by the source, the detector on the cart updates the physics box which in turn updates the Excel spreadsheet that students can observe.