2018 Fall EVEI TEAM



As part of the Electric Vehicle Event Infrastructure (EVEI) team in Purdue's Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program, our goal for the 2018 Fall semester is to create an autonomous braking system. Previously, the electric kart had a manual "kill switch" that allowed a supervisor to stop the kart in case it went out of control. The problems with this were that this emergency brake did not take into account the current kart speed in order to safely decelerate to a stop, and also that the instructor had to constantly monitor the kart in order to use the brake. To fix these problems, we will implement a GPS system that sets legal bounds for the kart to travel on. When the kart exits these bounds, our design will power an electronic Tesla brake that will apply the brake proportional to the kart speed. This way, the kart will always be monitored and can be safely stopped if needed.