Uganda Biogas Team

What is the Biogas Team?

In January of 2013, EWB-USA Purdue University Chapter partnered with the NGO BUSODA’s vocational school in Nakyenyi, Uganda. The chapter’s project is to develop a biogas digester as an alternative energy source for the community. Uganda is currently facing deforestation due to the large usage of firewood for cooking and heating purposes. A biogas digester would lessen the vocational school’s dependence on firewood and utilize the cow manure already produced at the school. Aside from environmental and economic savings, the biogas digester also has entrepreneurial potential. BUSODA would like to create an additional vocation in Biogas so that the technology can be replicated across other farms and schools in the region.

Our Team

Uganda Biogas Team Lead Doug Partridge: We are wrapping up maintenance and performance evaluation of our biogas project in Nakyenyi Uganda with hopes of completing a monitoring trip in December 2018.

Trip One

Trip Two

Trip Three