Project Team - Overview

EWB Purdue has 5 teams that members can be on: Leadership , Bolivia Cultural , Bolivia Technical , Uganda Biogas, and New Member Design Team. These teams work through the EPICS design process for our projects in Bolivia and Uganda. All the teams work closely together to learn from what they are doing and give each other feedback so our teams can be as successful as possible. Each of our project teams have a design lead that manages that team and what they do. Twice a semester we have design review where we share what we have been working on all semester and get feedback from our fellow members and professionals.

Leadership - Project Managment

The leadership team consists of our President, Vice President, Project Manager, Treasurer, Grant Writer, Fundraising Head, and Media Head. The leadership team oversees all of EWB Purdue and makes sure our projects are running smoothley and our fundraising is on track.

MEMBERS: Amanda Lefebvre (President), Caitlyn Hopper (Vice President), Paul Fuchs (Project Manager), Cindy Jiang (Treasurer), Ed Hutchinson (Fundraising Head), Anna Rausch (Media Head).

Leadership Team

Bolivia Project - Overview

Located in Colquechata, Bolivia our water project started in Spring 2018 with a minimum 5 year commitment. We estimate this project is worth upwards of 100,000 dollars and is one of the biggest projects EWB Purdue has taken on. The goals of this project are to implement a gravity-fed water distribution system in the community of Colquechata Alta to provide potable water and fulfill daily water needs of at least 20 liters/day/person for drinking and household use.

Assessment Trip 1: The goal of the first assessment trip was to collect sufficient data on the community for the design of a water distribution system. This data included geographical data on the land within and around Colquechata, information on the quality and quantity of the water produced at two different springs near the community, and information about the community’s structure and overall view and goals for the project.

Bolivia Cultural - Specification Development and Conceptual Design

The Bolivia Cultural team works on the human aspect of our project and focuses on human centered design and making sure we are keeping the communities needs and wants in our final design. They work closely with the techical team to keep the community first and to educate the technical team about the community needs.

MEMBERS: Andrea Pegg (Design Lead), Aman Patel, Angela Zhang, Avalin Senefeld, Katherine Myers, Nate Schaeher, Paul Castagna

Bolivia Cultural Team

Boliva Technical - Specification Development and Conceptual Design

The team is working to develop a conceptual design for a gravity-fed water distribution system. This includes design for the catchment of the intended source, conduction line, water storage tank(s), and mainline distribution. Next steps include: preparing for a second assessment trip to further assess water quality/quantity and topography as well as, gather additional cultural information for detailed design.

MEMBERS: Magaly Mendoza (Design Lead), Hannah Fowler, Mason Bernard, Devansh Shah, Erik Eggebrecht, Matthew Vining, Thomas Davis, Ethan Byers, Nefertiti Orimoloye

Uganda Biogas - Monitoring and Evaluation

The Uganda biogas project has been years in the making. The biogas system was fully implemented in May of 2017 at a vocational school in the community of Nakyenyi Uganda. Biogas is used as a form of renewable energy, replacing fire wood in a country that faces deforestation on a large scale. From a manure and water mixture, methane is captured and piped to the school’s kitchen for cooking purposes. This project was intended to serve as a proof of concept and teach students at the school the necessary skills to go out and replicate this system elsewhere. Once the monitoring trip is complete in December 2018, the Purdue University chapter of EWB will answer questions brought up by the community but will be contractually finished with the project in Uganda.

TRIPS: There have been four trips to the community and the final monitoring trip will take place in December 2018. The first two trips were monitoring trips to the community. On these trips the travel teams gathered information on what sort of system the community really wanted. They determined how many people would be dependent on the system, what the accessibility to input materials would be, and how to design a system that would be simple and replicable. Once a design had been decided two implementation trips occurred in August 2016 and May 2017. On the first implementation trip the team helped complete the main slurry tank. This tank that holds the slurry mixture was built by the community. The team verified its ability to hold water as well as dug the pipeline that gas flows through to the kitchen. During this trip it was evident a few designs needed to be changed. On the May 2018 trip, these design changes were implemented mainly being a supporting cage, a system of weights, and a pressure release system. The system was operational when the team left in May 2018 and will verify its effectiveness come December 2018.

MEMBERS: Doug Partridge (Design Lead), Anna Bird, Aditya Pillai, Ben Huntley

Uganda Biogas

New Member Design Team - Overall Design Process

The purpose of the New Member Design Team is to introduce the members to some of the responsibilities members of Engineers Without Borders have, but on a smaller scale. Additionally, the New Member Design Team introduces the students to the engineering design process, a process that will be utilized heavily throughout their time in EWB. Currently, the New Member Design Team is working on a group in Colquechata that the technical team has pushed off working with. The group is uphill, away from many others in the community, causing extra difficulty with the project solution.

New Member Design Lead: Garret Ferhman

New Member Design Team