Engineering Projects in Community Service EPICS at Purdue

A unique program in which teams of undergraduates are designing, building, and deploying real systems to solve engineering-based problems for local community service and education organizations



Created through the EPICS program, GAPS has a mission to inform our community of alternative means of power and to provide energy systems for our international partners. Currently, we are working on three projects:

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All three of our projects aim to inform our community of alternative means of power and provide energy and water filatration systems for our international partners. The Colombia project is providing a clean water system for a rural school and a structure that will increase attendance in city parks. The Brazil project is developing a computer virus porotcol and increasing the efficiency of power usage of a media center. The Prototype project is producing a working solar power system that will be used to demonstrate how the system works within the Purdue and West Lafayette communities.






The Prototype team was focused on redesigning a mobile solar power prototype suitable for secondary education. The display will be used at various functions within the West Lafayette and Purdue community and to promote EPICS and Purdue's engineering program




The goal of the Brazil project is to design a PV power system in order to power a media center in A'Ukre. This project will also focus on developing an efficient virus protection method for the laptops used in the media center.





This team works closely with Universidad de Antioqia and is focused on designing a portable park attraction in order to increase park attendance. They also plan on designing a water supply and filtration system for schoolchildren and an interactive educational display on sustainability issues in Medellin.





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This semester, there are nineteen students working with three faculty advisors and one graduate student to transform our goals into progress in each of our three projects.

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building the water filter

from sustainable materials

testing epoxies

to determine final product components

powering sustainable communities

by harnessing solar energy

collecting water

from the Wabash River

providing technical support

for database and virus issues

the final display material

ABS black plastic

running water through the filter

using sand as a primary filter

example of the final prototype design

to educate the community about solar power systems

Connecting with the Kayapo

study abroad trips to A'Ukre

testing filtered water

for contaminants and bacteria

sytems to establish a media center

a space to create and share photos and videos

CATIA file of panal board

blueprints of center panal

A'Ukre from Above

Taking Measurements

Front View of Media Center

Side View of Media Center

Solar Measurements






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