About Us

Facts: Began Fall 2014

Mission: There is a need for an affordable, safe, outpatient device that allows stroke patients to independently complete therapy exercises in order to restore motivation for recovery and cognitive and physical functionality while providing external feedback.

Delivered: A working build of the game and website done by C#, PHP, CSS, and HTML was presented to community partners in Spring 2018.

Impact: Allows stroke patients easier access to rehabilitation though their own computers.


Testing team:

Created relationships with local physicians. Received feedback on hand rests. Finished visual demonstrations. Made adjustments to the program based on feedback we received.

Data Tracking Team:

Purchased server and domain name. Set up site navigation. Created complete database design. Created login page for all users. Created table with list of users. Improved website design. Added sign up system.

Finish Build of the Website: Atalantiagames.com