About Us

Facts: Began Spring 2016

Mission: Work in partnership with those who use our services to achieve maximum independence, choice, and inclusion in their communities.

Delivered: A prototype rain cover that will be brought during the 2018 Maymester

Impact: There is a need for a device that effectively provides cover and protection for wheelchair occupants from weather elements such as heavy rain and strong winds, does not impede movement and visibility, and is easy to use, in order to further the user's maximum independence.


A working automated prototype was completed and is expected to be tested during the 2018 Maymester trip to Ireland. It is expected to have a few more specific measurements and then to be delivered.

Since last semester the design was updated to stronger and more manuverable, updates include:

Ribs: Plastic Coated Steel

Cover: Marine Vinyl

Hinge & Joints: Aluminum