A Quick Update

The Haiti Development team is integrated in a collaborative effort with the Animal and Food Security Service Learning class originating in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University last semester. Two EPICS students went along with the Service Learning students to Haiti during this past winter break. Together they presented the different projects they had worked on last semester which include: addres the developmnt of a functional chemistry teaching and service lab; a bio-digester system; a poultry educational and demonstration farm; educational tools related to crops; goats and milk; food& water safety.

This semsester, the team continue working on their projects which are: Biodigester, Chemistry, Poultry, and Food & Water Safety (which is a new project for EPICS students).

Our partners are UNAF and CTEAD.

Annually those students who choose, tarvel to northern Haiti over winter break to work with out partners and receives feeback with defines our next efforts. This multi-disciplinay team works directly with the local rural community residents.


Trip to Haiti

Two EPICS students of the HDEV team travelled to Haiti last Winter Break to meet with our project partners face to face in Cap-Haitien. It helped us establish a stronger connection with them and a deeper understanding of the projects we are working on. For example, the Biodigester team demonstrated the purpose and how to make a biodigester at the Symposium in Haiti which has inspired the students over there to start build a biodigester on they own to serve as a new way to provide nutrients for the soil. Since the trip, we have used our feedback to further progress on each project to fit each partners' needs to the best of our abilities.

The group along with the Service Learning team is planning another trip in the Winter of 2015 to continue make an impact in Haiti by apply what they have learned and known.

EPICS Haiti Welcomes you...

More information about travel to Haiti can be found here

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