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Our Projects.

We have been working with Habitat since 1996 to create equal opportunities for everyone by building homes and communities to help those in need get out of the poverty cycle. In Reynolds, known as BioTown, IN, the EPICS HFH team and Habitat helped the community become energy self-sufficient "by converting agricultural products and byproducts into sustainable energy sources." In 2010, we followed up with seminars to help others do the same. In 2017, we are continuing on this path through our current projects, Lift Systems and Data Storage.

About Us.


EPICS (Engineering Projects In Community Service) takes current engineering students and puts them straight in the line of fire. It was born to meet the needs of Purdue's highly driven yet compassionate engineers who wanted to become more well-rounded workers while giving back to those who can't afford to get professional engineering design services.

Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. HFH creates opportunities for all people to live in decent, durable shelter and builds, renovate or preserve homes to accelerate and broaden access to affordable housing as a foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty.

Our Team.

The Spring 2019 team is lead by . . .

Eric Bankert

Project Manager Team - App

I joined EPICS because I wanted to do some hands-on work and learn about engineering in practice, not just in theory.

Isabel Parraga

Design Lead Team - Lift System

I joined EPICS because I saw it as an opportunity gaining experience working in diverse teams and helping out a community in need.

Austin Krause

Financial Officer Team - Lift System

I joined EPICS to have fun while making a positive impact on my community through engineering design.

Javier Onate

Webmaster Team - Lift System

I joined EPICS to gain good experience through something beneficial like community service.

Minh Tran

Project Archivist Team - App

I joined EPICs to leave a good impact on the community through engineering and service.

Talia Angelo

Design Lead Team - App

I joined EPICS because I wanted to apply the knowledge from my classes onto real engineering problems, which also helps the local community as well.

Alex Berta

Project Partner Liason Team - App

I joined EPICS because I wanted to apply the knowledge from my classes onto real engineering problems, which also helps the local community as well.


Our Latest Ramblings.


January 26, 2017

Habitat for Humanity Lafayette Affiliate Office Visit

The team traveled to the Habitat for Humanity Lafayette affiliate office today to meet with the volunteers and install solutions. The data team met with HFH volunteers to ask questions and receive feedback on their new design for the app and the location of the raspberry pi device. With the feedback from the HFH employees and volunteers decisions about design can be made and the project as a whole can progress. The loft team took the time at the HFH office to install the pool noodle solution for the safety of volunteers or employees traversing the loft. With the pool noodle installation complete the loft team is now completely focused on the sign storage and railing designs.