Together with the team over at Habitat for Humanity Lafayette, we continue to help everyone get the simple and decent home that they deserve to live and grow in.


In the spring of 2010, we finished building our green house in Biotown, Indiana. We and Habitat for Humanity, West Lafayette found it to be successful that we would try to implement those same green building strategies and principles into local homes and homes that were going to be built by volunteers.

The main goal of this project was to educate homeowners on sustainable living practices. We created a homeowners manual that volunteers can refer to regarding good green practices.

To see how the design strategies that we used in designing the BioTown home could be implemented by Habitat for Humanity, we also looked around to see how the standard Habitat for Humanity Lafayette homes were designed and how we could build upon that existing template to make the standard homes a bit more environmentally friendly.

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