Information Management System

Engineering Project in Community Service

About Us

Facts: Began Spring 2000. Winner of the Spring 2001 and Spring 2002 AMD Design Award.

Impact: Better allocative efficiency of Purdue resources and connection between Purdue and Lafayette area.

Area: Web development, App development, and database applications.


BoilerList is Purdue University's Service-Learning Portal. This portal serves to facilitate the development of sustainable partnerships in service-learning between faculty, staff, students, and community partners. The portal does three things:

- Allows agencies to share meaningful projects that will contribute to social and systemic change in the community

- Connects agencies to faculty, staff, and students through service-learning courses

- Provides faculty and staff with an opportunity to develop curricula that will match the need of agencies​

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GatherUp: Website and Mobile App

The IMS GatherUp team is designing and implementing a website and mobile app to aid the International Programs Office in keeping track of attendance at campus wide events.
The mobile app, designed for both Android and IOS platforms, allows for volunteers to quickly and easily swipe a students ID or input an attendee's information. This information is compiled and uploaded to the website where it can be downloaded, viewed, and edited by the IP Office.
On the website, the IP Office is able to create events that are going to be held on campus which is sorted into a list. These events are then ready to recieve information from the mobile app. When an event has passed and information for it has been uploaded, it can be easily downloaded and viewed for any relevant information and edited. The Office can then upload any changes and the information is now archived with its event.

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Our Team Members

Jason Dufair:
Team Advisor

Jason Dufair is a Software Developer at Purdue University. With his team, he develops programs targeted towards improving student academic performance in the classroom. His programs are developed with the intent of making lectures more engaging.

Jason Dufair

Nusaybah Abu-Mulaweh:
Team Advisor

Nusaybah is a continuing lecturer in the EPICS program. She majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering Education.


Dahjung Chung:
Teaching Assistant

Dahjung Chung is currently a Ph.D candidate at Purdue University. She majored in ECE and is pursuing her Ph.D in Computer Vision.

Dahjung Chung

BoilerList Fall 2018

Nivedita Nighojkar

Nivedita Nighojkar
Design Lead

Nivedita is a senior in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University.

Fun Fact:

Xinglei Liu

Xinglei Liu:
Project Archivist

Xinglei is a Freshman in Data Science at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: "I like playing the guitar and eating all kinds of food."

Jingyou Wang:
Project Partner Liaison

Jingyou is a senior in Natural Resources and Environmental Science at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: "I like animation and do some drawings ar free time."

Jingyou Wang

GatherUp Spring 2018

Tyler Ramirez

Tyler Ramirez:
Project Manager

Tyler is a Freshman in First Year Engineering at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: "I've played 14 years of soccer."

Gokul Srinivasan:
Design Lead

Gokul is in First Year Engineering at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: "I've been a vegetarian my whole life."

Gokul Srinivasan

Artur Carrilho

Artur Carrilho:
Webmaster and Project Partner Liaison

Artur is a Freshman in First Year Engineering at Purdue University.

Fun Fact:"I used to live in an island in Brazil."