Welcome to EPICS Imagination Station

We are an EPICS team in Purdue that designs fun and innovative exhibits for local children's museums using cool technologies.

About Us

We love designing and building interactive exhibits for local children's museums using technologies that would invoke their curiosity in science.

  • Laser Maze - A maze that uses mirrors redirect the laser to the goal
  • Mars Alpha Rover - Designed to look like NASA's Curiosity Rover
  • Mars Beta Rover - A more advanced version of Alpha Rover
  • Weather Station - A module that collects data from the environment

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Project Partners and Sponsors

Purdue EPICS


Terre Haute Children's Museum


Imagination Station


Rolls Royce


Our Projects

Applying new and innovative technologies, the IS team designs interactive and fun exhibits for a local children's science and technology museum.

Contact Us

For questions about Mars Rover Alpha, please email Matteo Polito at polito@purdue.edu.

For questions about Mars Rover Beta, please email Lucas Allegrette at lallegre@purdue.edu.

For questions about Laser Maze, please email Ashley Truver at atruver@purdue.edu.

For questions about Weather Station, please email Ryan Schwartz at schwar95@purdue.edu.