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As a team for the Engineering Projects in Community Service, or EPICS, program at Purdue University, we are tasked with implementing solutions to problems and issues that exist within our local community. Our specific team, Neighborhood Sustainability, is charged with developing strategies that enahnce neighborhood sustainability, especially for homes and neighborhoods for people with lower incomes. We do so by partnering with the City of Lafayette and other related stakeholders to deliver engineered solutions.

Our Members
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    • Yeon Jin Bae
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
    • Civil Engineering
    • ybae@purdue.edu
    • _______________________
    • Street Light Project
    • Aman Sheth
    • First Year Engineering

    • Logan Kirsch
    • First Year Engineering
    • Mahima Grover
    • First Year Engineering
    • _______________________
    • Garage Project
    • Carlee Andre
    • Agriculture

    • Cecilia Chang
    • First Year Engineering

    • Stevie Gregoricka
    • First Year Engineering

    • Stefanus Winarto
    • Electrical Engineering

    • Myles Aburto
    • Agriculture
    • _______________________
    • Chruch Project
    • Nicholas Horein
    • Interdisciplinary Engineering

    • Eric Swanson
    • First Year Engineering

    • Bidisha Dutta
    • Electrical Engineering


Streetlight Project

The Streetlight Team is partnered with the City of Lafayette Economic Development Department for a new project this semester. The City of Lafayette currently does not have an effective way of reporting streetlight outages to Duke Energy. Hence there is a very large time delay between the time a streetlight goes out and when it is fixed. Our team's job is to come up with an effective solution to this important problem facing the City of Lafayette and its residents.



Church Project

The church team is partnered with the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints in Lafayette, IN to improve the church's HVAC and ERV systems. The church's HVAC and ERV systems were made incompatible to Indiana weather, resulting in up to 87% humidity in the building. The NS church team seeks solutions to accommodate for this incompatibility. The team is currently focused on placing temperature and humidity sensors in the church, understanding blueprints of church, and learning energy modeling and rendering software to better illustrate the problem and find a solution from that.


Sustainable Garage Project

Sustainable garage project, just started in Spring 2015, is focussed on designing a sustainable building. Our project partner, Myrdene Anderson, is looking for a new addition to her house as storage and library space that could double in the future as a bedroom. Her number one priority is that the project is sustainable from cradle to cradle. Our goal for the semester is to develop a sustainable design suggestion with information on how to make her new addition up to environmental standards.

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Past Projects

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  1. Bike Share Project

    The team stands for promoting a greener livelihood and assisting the stakeholders through effective solutions. The need for this project arises with the large space for improvement in the current transportation systems around Lafayette. The team wishes to support the city of Lafayette's efforts to keep up with the environmental and political trends that push towards a sustainable world.

  2. Building Project

    The Building Project has partnered with the City of Lafayette to analyse and improve the energy performance of 515 Columbia, a city office annex "built" in 2009. The building was designed to attain LEED Silver certification but was not actually awarded certification - the cause of which we are still looking into. In the meantime the team has dedicated the semester to analysing the current performance of the building and researching what needs to be done to attain that LEED Silver certification.

  3. Pedestrian Bridge

    Through this project we want to make the bridge an appealing destination, not just a form of transportation. We plan to green the bridge as well as add seating and interactive elements to attract visitors.We were brought this project by the City of Lafayette's Economic Development Department and our main contact for this project is the Director of the Economic Development Department, Dennis Carson. We are working closely with the department to be sure to optitimize the potential of this bridge as a public attraction.

  4. Lafayette Armoury

    The EPICS Neighbourhood Sustainability Team was approached by the City of Lafayette's Economic Development Department Director, Dennis Carson, with the task of refurbishing and making the old Army National Guard Armoury more energy efficient to save money and move forward with their goals to make the city more "green". We have since worked closely with the Lafayette Police Department and their Chief of Police, Don Roush, as well as Deputy Chief of Police, David Payne, and the Head of Police Training, Sergeant John Yestrebsky. We delivered this project by conducting an energy audit of the facility, creating and eQuest Energy Model and using the information we have gained from this model to offer the best recommendations to the Lafayette Police Department in order to best cut energy consumption and costs.

  5. Midwest Rentals

    The Midwest Rentals project was started in Fall 2011. This project was created to try and help the contractors of the new construction at the old Midwest Rentals Location achieve LEED certification in Neighbourhood Development.The Goal was to create a set of suggestions as to how a LEED Silver certification could most easily be achieved. This project was finished and delivered at the end of the Fall 2011 semester.

Past Team Members

Spring 2014 team



The EPICS Program at Purdue

Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering Room 1200
701 West Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045
Phone: 765-496-1068
Fax: 765-494-0052

Team Email:epics-ns@ecn.purdue.edu