• We are SGSC. We are working on technical solutions of the problem of sustainablility.

    We aim to support our community by implementing eco-friendly growing products. Hydroponic systems augmented with secondary lighting are simple cost effective methods to grow plants.

  • Our current project is almost at a close, as we are finalizing a prototype.

    We have a space efficient system that is expected to grow plants at an excellerated rate with light treatment cycles.

  • Meet our team of Engineering students, pursuing their education at Purdue University and working as engineering consultants. We are SGSC. Our members are available for questions about the project. Get in touch for comments.

    Many members of our team have been dedicated to the project for multiple semesters.

Our Project

Team Members.

The members of SGSC are hard working individuals balancing commitment to the project with the task of being full-time students.

The Project Now.

We are currently in the prototyping stage of the design process. Our prototype is being brought to a fully functioning capacity so that we might bring the project to fruition.


Our model is both cost efficient and space efficient, allowing appproximately five vertical feet with a diameter of about a foot tp produce three basins of highly productive hydroponic systems. We still need to test our product to determine the yield per volume of the product, but the design is meant to produce superior amounts of product in a moderate amount of space.


We aim to promote sustainibility within urban enviroments. Our design is aimed towards promoting ease of use in a hydroponics based growth system. The design is useable in the average home with a minimal amount of input from the user, providing an easy avenue to produce plant life in the consumers very home.

Space efficiency

Our design is focused on optimizing feasible plant growth in respect to the volume the model encompasses. The model is designed to rotate so that the container can be fully accessed despite its location, so multiple units can be put in adverse spaces.


Project Specifications include a required height less than 5 feet, radius less than a foot, chambers that rotate around a central pole, automated lighting, and a deepwater hydroponics system.

Current semester progress

The team is currently moving towards the end of the prototyping phase. We are approaching the end of the project and our efforts will soon culminate in a final product.

Project goals

Our primary goal is to provide a feasible product for our project partner. Side goals of the projects include a mission to improve community relations and increase correspondence with our public partners. We also aim to promote sustainable living and ecologically friendly growing practices.

Project Partner..

Whirlpool is a community oriented company that is investing in sustainablility and enviromental protection with a new vein of products.


Whirlpool seeks to create cutting edge technology to serve the needs of the public and the consumer to the best of its ablility. The sustainablility aspect of these projects reflects the overall trend the company is moving to, to respecting and servicing the needs of a new century.

Reneww house

"Our mission is to transform an existing home into a world-class research laboratory and sustainable living showcase."

Their representative

Erica Roberts

Project Partner



Whirlpool needs us to produce a hydroponics model that can be integrated into the ReNeww house that is sustainable, economic, and versatile. The project specifications come from them, through their representative.

Project Progression.


Automated Lighting

Progress by System/Controls team

Systems and Controls team has developed this model to automate the lighting of the system. If they want me to put anything else in about it, it'll go HERE.

CAD model

Design progress

CAD design

The culmination of our design process led us to this model. CAD model created by.



Working prototype

This is the current working model, constructed and augmented by our prototyping team. As revisions and improvements occur, they update the model.


Fertility experiments

Fertility tests have proven viable. The results show the feisibility of the hydroponics system.

More information on Whirlpool and the Reneww house.

Whirlpool is an American appliance manufacturing company.

  • Sustainability, ensuring the future of life on Earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all.

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    Paul Hawken Enviromentalist.
  • In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability.

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    Bertrand Piccard Psychiatrist and balloonist

Get In Touch With Us.

The students regularly convene for meetings to discuss their own individual portions of the project, and once weekely with our partners to recap what we have accomplished on a given week. Prospective engineering students can get a glimpse of the team oriented projects EPICS undertakes, by sitting in on a group meeting. Contact Hamed for arrangements.

The student members of SGSC can be contacted through the webmaster or the project parters Hamed Zamenian and Eckhard Groll.

The webmaster can be reached at harri512@purdue.edu
Eckhard Groll: groll@purdue.edu
Hamed Zamenian: hzamenia@purdue.edu

Contact Epics:

Phone: 765-494-3750
Address:Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering Room 1200 701 West Stadium Avenue West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045