Our Mission is to design, develop and implement devices that can assist patients with hearing disabilities. Constant updates in team goals with correlation to our project partner's need is SLAC's primary goal and maintaining a healthy relationship with our patients for accurate feedbacks. Projects primarily support the M.D.Steer Audiology Clinich at Purdue University.

Information & Facts

Facts: Began Fall 1995. Winner of the Spring 1997 AMD Design Award. Winner of the 1998 Burton-Morgan Entrepreneurship Competition (automated locker project). FRESPA placed 3rd in the 2008 Burton-Morgan Entrepreneurship Competition.

Technologies: Speech recognition, signal processing, analog-digital electronics, acoustical design, software design, animation, engineering design, mechanical design, and hardware design.

Disciplines: Audiology and Speech, Child Development and Family Services, Computer Graphics Technology, Computer Science, Computer and Information Technology, Education, Electrical, Computer Engineering, First-Year Engineering, Interdisplinary Engineering, Liberal Arts, Mechanical Engineering, and Acoustical Engineering.