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Safe Routes To School (SRTS)

Connecting the trip to school with Safety, Health, Community, Choice!

Team Members


Team Formed: September 2015

Our Mission

We are currently working towards implementing an SRTS program at a local elementary school that would one day improve the overall health of the children of West Lafayette while creating a stronger sense of community.

Our work will hopefully impact not only our community, but other communities both closeby and far away, as we recieve feedback and improve upon our current program.

The final product must be affordable and efficient. 150 students must be able to enter the school in the span of 20-30 minutes and our system must record how many student walked to school that day. The system must be safe, reliable, and durable in order to succeed in the task it must accomplish. It also must be an easily mass produced product since it is intended to be implemented in schools across the country.


Released September 2017

Current project

The spring semester of 2017 for the SRTS team was all about establishing the team and fully understanding the given problem and the specifications that our end product must meet. Goin into the fall, we hope to bring our ideas to fruition while still creating a usable end product.

We are focusing on building a second version of our SRTS system to deliver again in the next few semesters. We plan on implementing our project at a local, or Indiana elementary school. As it stands now, we are focusing on building a product that can be tested in the field, while keeping in mind that this is also could be mass produced to be used all over the united states. This semester we are divided into three different subteams, mainly focusing on software, and hardware.

Our third team is delegated to working on a penny press design for Purdue's homecoming on it's 150th anniversary. They are currently working on brainstorming designs, as well as helping with other groups when needed.


  • Oakland Elementary School (Fall 2015 - Fall 2016): A Lafayette Elementary School that seeks to encourage students to become contributing members of society and lifelong learners. Their goal is to provide a learning environment which fosters intellectual and social development and to promote active transportation amongst children by rewarding them.

  • United Way: Works to better the lives of the citizens of Greater Lafayette through initiatives in health and education. This orgnaization envisions a healthy and active Tippecanoe county. The organization hopes that "one day all children in Tippecanoe County will be physically fit through healthy eating and regular physical activity." In order for this to occur the children must be exposed to a variety of healthy foods and lifestyle changes that incorporate daily physical activity.

  • Safe Routes to School: The main goal of SRTS is to improve the health of children by encouraging an active lifestyle beginning at an early age. The organization accomplishes this by improve community safety, decreasing traffic around schools, improve air quality around schools, and by making walking or biking more appealing choices of transportation.
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