Torch Advanced Technical

The torch is a high-tech product, combining camera to capture every real-time image on the way. GPS and Wi-Fi is also use for Allowing citizens can check the whole process of torch relay at anytime from anywhere. Rechargeable battery can work about one half hour, if the electricity runs out, it will be easy to take off and get recharged. And a fully charged battery will be used to substitute it. Considering this torch is especially for kids, we design the safe fake flame made by LED, El Wire and reflective fabric to imitate the real flame, which reflective fabric reflects the light from colorful light. All the materials for flame are waterproof, and can produce multiple bright lights without thermal radiation, excellent for people to appreciate and safe for kids to carry. We also maintain the original design and engrave a chronological calendar on the body of the torch, which records Indiana’s important historical events; it is not only a good resource to teach kids Indiana’s immemorial history but also helps evoking citizens’ memories of the eternal history glory.