Dr. Sean P Brophy ,Sean Brophy has a Ph.D. in Education and Human Development (Technology in Education) from Vanderbilt University, a M.S. in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from DePaul University, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. His research interests include reasoning with mathematics and models, technology supported learning environments, conceptual change, and designing assessment for learning.

Madi Rogers ,My name is Madi Rogers. I am a freshman in First-Year Engineering with aspirations in Biomedical Engineering. She is the Project Manager and the Design Lead for the Education & Outreach team, where she helps with outreach opportunities for the torch. She plays violin in the Purdue symphony and is a lifeguard at the recreational center.

Brandon Henman ,Brandon is a freshman in first year engineering. He is the current design lead for the TORCH housing, including mechanical and aesthetic design, and is responsible for the CAD design of the torch. Hobbies include running, art, and computers.

Holly Gregory,Holly is a junior student in electrical engineering. She is a team member in Electrical Team and also in charge of Project Liaison.She likes playing soccer and very clever every time.

My name is Brennan McPherron Brennan McPherron is a freshman in the First-Year Engineering Program, with the intent of going into aerospace engineering. He's a member of the Mechanical engineering team, working on design improvements and manufacturing. His hobbies include reading, video games, and studying film.

My name is Xinyue Pan I am a freshman in first year engineering and I like watching movie and listening to music. For this project, I am a webmaster and a team member in elctrical team.

My name is Patrick Leal I am a first year student who have contributed more than 1 semester to the torch project. I am a member in the mechanical team and will work harder in this semester.

My name is George I am a junior student in electrical engineering. I am a team leader for the electrical team. I am also a financial manager for this project. We have done a wonderful job for this project.