Timeline for the TORCH Project


Week One

There are a lot of new members coming to the torch project. We introduced with each other and has decided the role for each member. George, Holly and Xinyue are in the electrical team. Brandon, Brennan and Patrick are in the mechanical team. George is the team leader for the electrical team and Brandon is the mecahnical team leader. Xinyue is in charge of the role of the webmaster. Holly is a contact liaison. Madi is a design leader and George is a financial manager.


Week 2

New team members get familiar with what is the projetct going on so far. Electrical team brainstormed ideas for charging the torch. Mechanical team contacted with a professor from MSE to get the idea about manufacturing options.Madi contacted with sunnyside to arrange the meeting.


Week 3

Research companies that can manufacture torches and talk with sunnyside to learn more about their needs.


Week 4

Focus on the relay design and do the design review. Summarize the bill and purchase LEDS to do more experiments. Summarize the progress of the current project.


Week 5

Design handle to make it wider and hollow and place the buttons in an appropriate place on the torch. Do the experiments on the voltage of purchased LEDS.Do more researches on buying cheaper AAs. Lower the cost of the torch by simplifying the electronic series in the torch.


Week 6

Summarize the design project we have done so far. Be prepared for the design review. Electrical and mechanical team collaborate with each other to deal with the problem of button of the torch.


Week 7

Design review! Present what we have done so far for the torch and get the feedback. At the same time, plan what we will do for the rest of semester


Week 8

Prepare for the souvenir torch. Get the idea what do we need for the circuit in the torch and order the electrical components.


Week 9

Prepare for the translucent material and talk with Brophy's student to get the feedback of designing the souvenir torch


Week 10

Finalize the torch design and prototype of the torch. Electrical and mechanical teams work together with the mounting and the switch of the torch.

Week 11

Prepare for the talk with sunnyside about their needs on the torch and their preference. Ask them some questions about the improvement of the torch.


Week 12

Go to the sunnyside to talk with students at sunnyside and get the feedback from them so that we can have a good plan for our future modification of the torch.

Week 13

Assign each member the specific task to do in the design review. Have a good preparation by completing all the designs and feedback we have. Consolidate discrete elements in the design into a whole thing that can be understood.

Week 14

Design review! Present by concluding what we have done in the previous 13 weeks and show the results of the progress. We have shown what we have done for the education part , electrical part and mechanical by showing kids' feedback at sunnyside and our model for the souvenir torch.