University Place Retirement Community

This page contains all past members of the UPRC team who are no longer on the team. The semester their name is listed under is the last semester they were active on the team. Returning active members are not listed.

Fall 2014
George Behrens - Team Leader
Andrew Gibson - Team Leader
Xinuo Chang - Database Project Leader
Jennifer Karpicke - ILE Project Leader
Erica Eades - ESAC Representative
Yang Wang - Financial Officer
Ryan Ching - Manager of Intellectual Property
Brandon Gardner - Webmaster
Elias Theodosis - Project Partner Liason
Albert Lai

Spring 2008
Akihiro Suzukii - Team Leader
Mike McNamee - Storage Project Leader
Emily Patterson - ILE Project Leader
Christy Macak - ILE Project Leader
Xianda Yao - Video Cart Project Leader

Fall 2007
Eric Buysee - Team Leader
Shang Wu - UPTV Project Leader
David Shaw - UPTV Project Member
Steve Thunder - ILE Project Leader
Jeffrey Lai - Computer Coaching Project Leader
Jeremy Kronberg - Computer Coaching Project Member

Spring 2007
Vince Ruppert
Emeka Okorafor
Melissa Dunn
Kendall McEwan
Rachael Smith
Stephanie Semmel

Fall 2006
Ilhwang Chung
Brian Lee

Spring 2006
Aliyah Davis
Emily Bondus
Jack Moriarty
Kyle Acker
Laura Bradley
Steven Yum
Yassine Akrout

Fall 2005
Angela Mirolo
Bryan Wang
Earl Lee
Himani Shah

Spring 2005
Adam Koronkowski
Seung Lee
Nnamdi Aduba
Ashley Eckert

Fall 2004
Brendan Houlton