University Place Retirement Community

RFID Technology Data Collection

Project Leader: Suzanne Schneider

Project Overview:

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) project was a new project developed in Fall 2015 and has been going only since the begining of this semester. We are a group of freshman, mostly-engineering, students at Purdue and our project is working with University Place to utilize RFID technology and software to track locations of residents and their corresponding social activity in environments such as the main dining area and the fitness center. It is a common belief that the more social an individual is the happier they are, however there is no conclusive data on this notion yet. We are gathering data to make correlations regarding health, outlook on life, medications, etc to essentially prove this belief.

As a new project, this semester is primarily discovery, research, and prototyping technology rather than full implementation. We will be placing active readers in the door frames of designated social settings at UP to register when the participants enter/exit these environments. The passive tags that each participant wears will register with the reader and that location in addition to the time stamp will be collected in a main database. This will allow us to see not only what the social setting was but also the amount of time the participant spent there. This data collection will most likely occur next semester and will span at least one year to gather sufficient and reliable data to make the correlations. A document detailing all of the specifics of the progress, outlook, and eventual implementation was provided to UP and the participants.