University Place Retirement Community

University Place TV

Project currently on hold

Project Overview:

In Fall 2006, UPRC successfully switched over from the leased system VCTV over to the Team UPRC-built UPTV system. This Computer + UPTV system will eventually be responsible for broadcasting slides, movies from a DVD player and VCR, as well as auxiliary audio through a 4-input switch and signal converting hardware. This new system will be more user-friendly and allows the project partner more freedom to change what is broadcasted to the current residents at University Place. The UPTV computer will also be capable of displaying slides stored in a database via the Database sub-project.

As of Fall 2008, the Database project (see link) has been upgraded from a sub-project to one of our two main projects alongside ILE.  We anticipate UPTV becoming a sub-project of the Database.

UPTV equipment rack, easily accessible from behind.