Spring 2017

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Our mentors are the ones advising the project and making sure we don't injure ourselves or burn our budget for something completely unnecessary. They also give neat tips and life advice!

Tim Strueh

Title Advisor
Biography I received my BS and MS Engineering degrees from Purdue and have worked in product design in industry since then. I am currently a Product Engineering Supervisor with TRW and have served as an EPICS team advisor since 2002.
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Subramanian Chidambaram

Title Teaching Assistant
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Nicholas D'Onorio

Title Project Manager
Major Aerospace Engineering
Year Sophomore
Biography I love engineering because I like to come up with solutions to problems that no one has ever thought of before. Fun fact: I love to play the drums.
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Space Education Team

The Space Education Team is helping to develop and promote our educational materials, such as a small-scale replica of the VOSS model for use in educational settings.

Vishal Patel

Title Design Lead
Major First Year Engineering
Year Freshman

I am a first year engineer, aspiring to be a chemical engineer. I grew up in Houston and The Netherlands. I enjoy playing basketball, making music, and obsessing over cars. This is my second semester in EPICS but my first semester in VOSS.

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Abhijith Anil Vamadev

Title Project Partner Liason
Major Mechanical Engineering
Year Freshman

I am from Kerala, India. This is my second semester in EPICS, and my first semester in VOSS. I enjoy looking at NASA images as well as learning about Astronomy.

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GE Display Team

The GE Team will design and build an educational and engaging display to showcase a fan blade from the General Electric GE90 (the world's largest aircraft engine).

Akshay Rao

Title Design Lead
Major First Year Engineering
Year Freshman
Biography I'm a freshman in first year engineering looking into mechanical engineering with a focus in material science. My hobbies include basketball and swimming.
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Marc Turenne

Title Financial Officer
Major First Year Engineering
Year Freshman
Biography I am a first year engineering student hoping to major in Aerospace Engineering starting next year. This is my first semester in EPICS, and I am currently on the GE Fan Blade team as well as the Financial Officer for the VOSS team. I am a musician (I play the clarinet and saxophone mostly), a hockey player, and I also play tennis. My dream is to one day work for a large aerospace company and design space flight technology and maybe even go to Mars one day.
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Ruhana Azam

Title Webmaster
Major Computer Science
Year Sophomore

I am a Computer Science student with a concentration in Machine Intelligence and Software Engineering. My enjoy photography in my freetime. I can ride a unicycle and juggle but not at the same time.

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Mufaddal Udaipurwala

Title Project Partner Liaison
Major Multidisciplinary Engineering
Year Senior
Biography I am a senior in Multidisciplinary Engineering. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but my parents came to America from Pakistan. I have many different interests in engineering, but I hope to one day work on designing medical devices.
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Kritika Pradhan

Title Member
Major First Year Engineering
Year Freshman

I am a First Year Engineer and hope to become an Electrical Engineer. I am an Indian and this is my first time in the United States. I love playing basketball, tennis and badminton. I love reading especially Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon, listenin to music, singing and dancing! This is my first time being a part of the VOSS team in EPICS but it has been a great experience ever since I joined the team. And I love dogs.

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Kavitha Perera

Title Project Archivist
Major First Year Engineering
Year Freshman

I am from Colombo, Sri Lanka and I am a First Year Engineering student interested in aerospace, sports and music. My hobbies are photography and travelling.

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