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NOTE: The VOSS team will be combining with Aero and Astro Engineering Education (AAEE) after Spring 2017.

VOSS is one of the available EPICS teams. VOSS stands for "Visiting Our Solar System".

What is Epics?

EPICS is a community-service based course that can give you experience in "real world" projects along with interactions with people from other majors. Although, EPICS stands for "Engineering Projects In Community Service", EPICs is open for all majors. A variety of skills are required to make projects become a reality. VOSS is one of the many teams part of the EPICS program. Currently, the VOSS team has a variety of STEM related majors, but happy to see a any major to be part of our team. Learn more about EPICs here.

What is VOSS

What We do

VOSS is one of the available EPICS teams. VOSS stands for "Visiting Our Solar System". The team has been active for about five years, focusing on building an architectural scale model of the solar system in Purdue's Discovery Park.

As of Fall 2014, the architecture project is reaching completion, with plans to open in the Spring of 2015.

The team's current goals are inspiring elementary and middle school children about space - whether it be astronomy, physics, or astronautical engineering. With three main groups, our team hopes to affect Purdue students, elementary aged students, and the West Lafayette community. Through the team's small scale project, teachers will have a new and interactive way to engage their students with the ideas about space. Our Social Media and Public Relations team will give the community a reason to make a visit to the site. The Fly-Through Team will give anyone who cannot make a trip to the site a chance to see the model. The Website Team will give a way for all of these groups to interconnect in one place where they can see the model, learn about the solar system, and inspire others with a connection to the educational plan.

A little bit about Janice Voss

VOSS is dedicated to Janice Voss, a Purdue alumnus, and the inspiration she created through her work in astronomy. Becoming an astronaut in July 1991, Voss worked in Spacelab robotics, NASA research, and the Kepler spacecraft as Science Director. Logging more than 48 days in space, Voss flew on the STS-57, STS-83, and STS-99, which mapped over 47 million square miles of Earth’s land surface. Voss passed away in February of 2012 after battling cancer.

Past Projects

Beginning in 2009, VOSS has made significant progress. After hosting an art competition, the team has networked to find an artist and other project partners to do the constructing of the model. Progress has accumulated to finalized plaques, written and designed by students on the team, a working prototype of the small scale model to supplement the educational model, and various sub-projects to help interconnect each aspect of the project.

Completed Projects

The model is now completed! This is a picture of where it is located so you can go and see the finished product!

The Fly Through

Fly Through is working to create a 3D simulation of the model, to either reinforce what was seen at the site, or allow those unable to see the site a chance to experience it.

Current Projects

Each semester, the team reassesses the user needs to derive sub-projects. The following are the current ongoing projects for the Spring 2017 team:

GE Fan Blade Display

The GE Fan Blade Display is parterned with GE Aviation to create an interactive display for a single GE-90 fanblade. This display is geared towards educating middle school and high school students. The display will has a base holding up the fanblade with a turntable so people can interact with the display. The display also contains a infomational backdrop about the GE-90 and turbines. This project has been running for several semester and is planned to be delivered Fall 2017.

Space Education Team

The Space Education Team collaborates with Imagination Station to create educational displayed geared towards K-12 students. Currently, this team is working on a number of 3D printed models to display at Imagination Station. The display will also include two informational posters geared towards two different age groups. This project will continue during upcoming semesters.

Joining Us

NOTE: The VOSS team will be combining with Aero and Astro Engineering Education (AAEE) after Spring 2017. If you would like to work on going VOSS projects after Spring 2017, notice that the team will be under AAEE.

Registering for Lectures

The course ID of the lectures has two parts to it. The first number indicates your current classification (1 = Freshman/First Year; 2 = Sophomore; 3 = Junior; 4 = Senior and Above). The second number indicates if you're using it for the Engineering curriculum, with 0 being "no" and 1 being "yes". The final number indicates the number of credits you're taking EPICS for. There are only 1 and 2 credit options.

EPCS 101 = Freshman taking EPICS for 1 credit

EPCS 111 = First Year Engineering in the EPICS Learning Community taking EPICS for 1 credit

EPCS 201 = Sophomore taking EPICS for 1 credit

EPCS 202 = Sophomore taking EPICS for 2 credits

If you sign up for 1 credit, you'll need to attend 5 lectures/activities the entire semester. If you sign up for 2 credits, you'll need to attend 10 lectures/activities the entire semester. That is the only difference

Signing Up For VOSS

  1. Go to the EPICS website and look for the CRN list. This is important as each team has it's own unique CRN. Write the CRN down.
  2. EPICS is part lecture based and part workshop based. It means you have to get the CRN of the EPICS Lecture class as well. It's also in the CRN list. Write the CRN down.
  3. Go to Click on the Academic Tab near the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the "Add/Drop Classes" link at the left side of the screen.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see text boxes that request for your CRN's. Add BOTH at the same time.
  6. That's it! You're now registered for EPICS and VOSS!

If you encounter any issues, talk to your advisor immediately! Some members have reported errors that need administrator override.

Our Partners

We need to thank our partners for working with us and allowing this project to move forward!

Purdue University Energy and Construction Discovery Park 2nd Globe Studios Indiana Space Grant Consortium

VOSS Model Survey

We want your opinion on the VOSS model! Take this short survey to help us out.