Current Projects

Pallet Transport Team

One of the services at the Wabash Center involves placing rivets in shims for use in semi trailers. The finished shims are placed on a pallet and moved to the loading dock when full. However, moving the skids is cumbersome and inconvenient. Currently, a forklift is used to move the platforms through the working area, causing possible safety concerns for the customers.

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The solution to this problem is a large, industrial-strength cart with a wood frame. During the Fall 2016 semester, the pallet team worked on redesigning the cart so that it is a sturdier pallet with a detachable pallet jack. The project is approaching the delivery and testing phase. This project is on hold as of Spring 2017.

Cornhole Project

The customers of the Wabash Day Center enjoy many social activities, including outdoor picnics with games such as corn hole. Unfortunately, some customers are unable to participate due to physical disabilities.


The goal of the Cornhole Teams is to allow those with physical disabilities to use a device to play cornhole that allows them to have precise control over their throws. This device will include aiming, distance control, and launching features. Currently, this project is in the detailed design phase and approaching the delivery phase. The Cornhole Team divided into two teams, which are the Spring Canon Team and the Catapult team. The Catapult project is currently not in progress. The Spring cannon team has made progress during the Spring 2017 semester by installing an automatic winch which pulls the spring and allows for automatic lauch and painting the cannon to make it more attractive. The team is planning to work on safety issues the next semester.

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Adult Day Services Team

The Wabash Center Adult Day Services center is an integral part of the facility, where adults with disabilities can enjoy activities and learn important life skills.

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The Adult Day Services Team started work during the Spring 2016 semester. Their goal is to build an activity board to set up in the activity room at the center to entertain the clients and facilitate sensory therapy. The activity board will include sensory materials such as fabrics and beads, and other sensory activities. The team has made progress in the Spring 2017 semester by creating a first basic prototype which is based on a main board on which interchangeable sub-boards can be placed. These sub-boards are themed individual units which can be used inside classrooms if necessary. Both the main board and the sub-boards will have sensory materials. The team is currently using a holder and clamp based machanism to hold the sub-boards onto the main board. Future plans include figuring out the best clamps to use for board attachment and deciding on sub-board themes and arrangements.

Virtual Reality(VR) SandBox

The Wabash Center Adult Day Services center is an integral part of the facility, where adults with disabilities can enjoy activities and learn important life skills.


The VR Sandbox is a platform that integrates physical interaction with sand, overlays a terrain map on the medium, and simulates rain water through the topography. The VR Sandbox uses a Kinect (3D sensor), projector, and a sand box to create the system. The VR sandbox generates a more immersive and stimulating experience using auditory, kinesthetic, and visual interaction generating a deeper cognitive experience. This allows adult learners to have more forms of stimulation through a single object. The VR sandbox installation is expandable, through software, to generate games to further enhance cognitive development and stimulation.

Past Projects