Sensory Trail Project

The Sensory trail that the Camp Riley EPICS team has designed consists of four stations: I Spy and Identify, Making Music, Touch Stations, and Sniff and Smell. This trail is designed around an equestrian trail and will allow for students to have a therapeutic riding experience.

This semester the Fall 2018 team is working on creating a new station: the Sensory Board/Sensory Wall.

Start Date: Fall 2014
End Date: N/A Ongoing

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Sensory Board/Sensory Wall

The Sensory Board/Sensory Wall is an ongoing EPICS project that consists off a portable easel made up of removable panels. Each of the panels consists of either an interactive game or a texture. The goal of the Sensory Board is to teach children motor skills and provide them with tactile, auditory, and visal stimulation. Right now, the Sensory Board is only in the conceptual design phase, so the project is only represented by a 3D computer model and blueprints. Image 01

I Spy and Identify

This station consisted of 4 wooden boards with sliding animal pegs, and 4 tree faces. These will provide items for the students to look at and interact with while on their riding experience.
Image 01 Image 01
Image 01 Image 01
Image 01 Image 01

Making Music

This station provided ways to stimulate the campers’ auditory sense. A xylophone, drums, and a bell tower were all installed on the trail, each providing something different with which to interact while riding.
image 01 Image 01
Image 01 Image 01

Touch Station

The Touch and toss station consisted of 6 touch and toss the ball posts. This station will provide the students with something to physically interact with while riding.
Image 01 Image 01

Sniff and Smell

This station will consist of different objects for the students to smell while on their ride. The objects will be placed inside of mailboxes that were already present on the trail. Some of the objects that the children will smell include: herbs, and fruit essences.. The team grew the herbs that are to be placed in the mailboxes in an metal garden basin. The also sprayed sponges with different scents for the riders to smell.
Image 01 Image 01