EVEI Fall 2018


This course is a project-based design course to develop the core infrastructure required to establish the Purdue Electric...

EVEI Fall 2018

Lap Timer Team

This team builds and tests learning elements which can be used by high-school students for the Electric Vehicle go-kart event...

EVEI Fall 2018

Educational Outreach Team

High school students in Integrated Chemistry and Physics need a better way to visualise scientific concepts...

EVEI Fall 2018

Kart Testing Team

The Kart Testing Team will be focusing this semester on repairing and prepping the kart for racing. The kart needs several repairs...

EVEI Fall 2018

Braking Team

As part of the Electric Vehicle Event Infrastructure (EVEI) team in Purdue's Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program, our goal for the 2018 Fall semester is to create an autonomous braking system...

EVEI Fall 2018

Data Acquisition Team

The main mission of the Acquisition Team is to use the go-kart data acquisition system to teach high school students about data analysis for physics projects. High School programs will benefit from this project...