Our Partners

GAQT's main project partner is AMPATH, located in Eldoret, Kenya. AMPATH was started as a collaboration between the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Moi University School of Medicine in Kenya. In the early 2000s when AMPATH was created, their main goal was to provide care for those with HIV/AIDS as the epidemic continued to grow in Africa. AMPATH quickly became one of Africa's largest healthcare systems, providing additional health services such as maternal and child health services, nutrition services, counseling, and aiding patients in obtaining financial security and independence. In 2016, AMPATH reached out to Purdue Engineering to assist with the indoor air pollution issue that was affecting women and children within the community. At this time, GAQT was formed and continues to work alongside AMPATH to improve indoor air quality in Kenya. To learn more about AMPATH, click on their logo below.

GAQT has also worked with the Moi University School of Engineering in Eldoret, Kenya. During the team's trip to Kenya in May of 2019, they connected with professors at students at Moi University to share research and make connections for further collaboration. The team is currently working with professors at Moi to assemble an indoor air quality improvement team, similar to GAQT. To learn more about Moi University School of Engineering, click on their logo below.