Who are we?

GDAT (Global Design of Assistive Technology) is a team of students at Purdue University who work with non-profit organisations in Ireland. Their mission is to build solutions to the problems that users of assistive technology face on a daily basis.

We are a subgroup of the EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) Group at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

Our Teams


One of Croi House's programs is an obesity management program that measures patients' waist circumferences over time. Slainte was created to make a device allows the patient to continue their improvement in waist size at home after the end of the program.

The device uses an arduino code to track the waist circumference of a patient as a measureing tape is pulled out.

This project is now in the final stretch - after 7 semesters, Slainte plans on delivering the waist measurement device by next May.


Croi House wants to help those with cardiac issuesfeel more comfortable when receiving checkups.

At risk patients need a comfortable cardiac screening experience that enables them to easily enter and exit the exam bed, because anxiety and discomfort should not be added to the patients' existing stress when facing a potential illness or medical complication.


Atalantia was created to help Croí House with their Stroke Rehabilitation program by providing a way for patients to continue their therapy from home after it was no longer absolutely necessary for them to come into the Croí House clinic but still could use the therapy.

The project is now working towards building games which simulate exercises that the patient would play to achieve a goal as part of the game. This allows them to increase both cognitive and physical ability over time. We currently have a working UI and basic game controls and are going to adding more functionality to the exercises and the game.


Fearthainn started in Fall of 2016 and is partnered with Enable Ireland. Enable Ireland is a nonprofit organization that works to maximize the independence of their partners. Our expert at user is Michelle Gaynor, a powerchair user living in Dublin Ireland who finds it difficult to commute in the harsh weather of Ireland, as her current form of weather protection is a poncho. Our goal is to provide Michelle with a fully functional and autonomous rain cover attachment for her powerchair, to further maximize her independence as she lives and works in Ireland.

Meet The Team

Project Partner: Croi House

Croi House is one location of the non-for-profit organization Croi, located in Galway, Ireland. Their mission is to fight cardiovascular disease and stroke. Three GDAT teams work with Croi on various projects, in order to aid in therapy, rehabilitation, and more comfortable medical testing situations. More information on each individual project is available on their pages.

Project Partner: Enable Ireland

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